Celebrities like Judy Dench, Dame Helen Mirren and many others have brought the grey hair back into fashion. But not just for the oldies as even celebs like Rihanna has faked it by using a shampoo and conditioner called ‘White Hot Shampoo and Conditioner’, which leaves greys super-soft and sleek.


They say that White Hot Hair shampoo ‘contains a small amount of optical brightener and a touch of violet pigment which neutralises yellowy or brassy tones in white and grey hair. It also works on natural and bleached blonde hair’.


White Hot Hair also say that they ‘recommend you use Brilliant Shampoo once or twice a week or when your hair looks in need of a brightening boost. We suggest you don’t use it every day or leave it on your hair for more than 5 minutes, but simply wash it in and out as you would with any shampoo. If you overdo it, you could see a ‘bluey tint’ that will fade once you go back to Glorious Shampoo which is designed to super-cleanse white and grey hair without the additional brightening boost’.


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