noun: pedicure; plural noun: pedicures
  1. 1.
    a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails.
    “a pedicure will make sure your feet look their best”
Firstly, any old nail polish (if you have any) will be removed.
Next, your nails will be filed then placed into a foot massager filled with warm water. There will usually be some oil or moisturiser in the water to help rehydrate your skin.

While one foot is soaking, the beautician may gently scrub away any old skin which will then have softened up.

You will then enjoy a lovely exfoliating foot care scrub which ensures any stubborn skin is removed.
You will also get a lovely lower leg and foot massage then cuticle cream will be applied to soften the cuticles up.
An orange stick will then be used to push back your cuticles and any further filing of your toe nails will be done.
Finally, its your turn to decide which type of polish you fancy from either a gel finish, a French pedicure or just a couple of coats of nail polish.
If you don’t feel like dozing off by this stage then just wait until you get home. Enjoy……….


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