The minute March is here we think of Spring cleaning in the home, but it’s also necessary with your beauty products.

They also have a shelf life, just like food. So, firstly get all your beauty products together and place them all on a clean towel.

Go through some that might have been well past their sell by date and throw away but don’t forget to make a note of them if they are a product you like.

Wash your make-up brushes with baby shampoo and water. Towel dry then leave on a radiator to finish drying.

Go through your nail varnishes and if your favourite one is running a bit low just add a tiny bit of nail polish remover and shake well. Always store nail varnish away from heat and direct sunlight as this will help prevent it drying out.

You should really replace mascara every three months if it lasts that long and ‘never’ share you mascara as this can cause an eye infection.

Eye-shadow and foundation will last around 18months to 2 years, but lipstick should be replaced every 12 months.

Next time you buy some new products stick a label on it with the date you purchased it.


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