‘Ageing’ – it comes to us all eventually, however it’s all changed over the last century.

50 years ago a woman of 40 was finished. 20 years ago a woman of 50 was finished and now even a women of over 60 years is far from finished.

The boundaries have extended, the surrender to ageing no longer has a deadline. There is a new survival instinct that pushes women through each decade with determination to keep things at a status quo.

This, plus the endless supply of different types of ageing products enables women to look and feel younger for longer.

Visual ageing varies and we have no idea when it will start. As we get older the cells capacity to reproduce grow and renew themselves decreased. This happens at different rates with different people and no two people age at the same time.

Basically we age because we wear out and cells produced late in life are inferior to those produced earlier.

Heredity, habits and the environment also play a part in the way we age.

The best thing to do is to start building health and treatments early. Try different techniques and keep a diary of the ones that work the best. It isn’t always the case that the most expensive ones have the best effect.

Check out Marie Claire for their take on the top anti-ageing products that are shown here or from the list in The Mirror.


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