What’s in your make-up bag? I keep a separate make-up bag which has my core essentials in it for when I go away so that I know I won’t forget anything.

I couldn’t live without my eyelash curlers which I heat up with the hair dryer first as I find this makes my eyelashes really curl up. Do take care not to burn yourself though.  My mascara is Rimmel Wake Me Up Extreme Black Mascara.

I then use Sleekmake-up.com’s Clear Eye Brow Gel for my eye brows. I love the gel as being a brunette my eye brows are very dark but this clearly defines them and keeps them looking perfect all day.

At the moment I have a bit of a tan on my face so I only need some blusher and my favourite is L’Oréal  Le Blush 145 Rosewood which I apply with a Boots Blusher Brush. I wasn’t really into L’Oréal until my daughter started working for them but I really like their cosmetics now.


After reading an article about which type of eye shadows you should use if you are over sixty, I bought L’Oréal’s Matte 101 L’Ombre Pure Eye Shadow as it was in matt. The reason I was looking for a matt eye shadow was because the article stated that a matt finish disguises lines more than  glossy eye shadow do. L’Oréal have a great tutorial video on ‘How to get the Matte Eye Look’.

I also use Boots Natural Collection Eye Shadow Fragrance Free Crush Walnut and Sea Shell to finish my eyes. Although these do not state that they are matt they are definitely not glossy.

For my lips I use a lip liner first and will only buy the ones that you can twist to open and not the pencils as I find them hard to sharpen and look as good as new. Rimmel is one of my favourites and the one I use is Rimmel Lip Pencil Exaggerate 024 Red Diva. I then finish it off with Miss Sporty My Bff Lipstick 201. I was introduced to Miss Sporty while on holiday on the Costa del Sol when my own lipstick had melted in the sun. The Supermarket I popped into had this particular range and the price was so good that I decided to give it a go. You cannot fault the fantastic choice of colours they have and at the very reasonable price of only £2.99 !!!!!

Well that’s my summer’s cosmetics – what’s yours? …


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