Just enter your email address and get your £1.50 delivery code from Chemist Direct who have a massive sale on at the moment with 50% off some items.

Bio Oil is has an offer of 3 for £30 instead of and with reviews like this one posted, it looks like it’s worth every penny.

“I purchased this product because I had thread veins and stretch marks on my feet, ankles and legs due to fluid retention. Not only are the unsightly marks lightening after about 5 weeks using Bio oil, the added bonus is I am not experiencing the severe swelling and fluid retention, although I suspect this is possibly due to massaging the oil into the affected area also clears the collected fluid. I was so impressed with the condition of the skin on my legs and feet that I decided to try the oil on my face. I am the wrong side of 70 but my face had looked like that of a spotty teenager for sometime. Within 2 weeks of using Bio oil my skin is softer the spots have disappeared and so have the little thread veins at the side of my nose and cheeks to say nothing of the wrinkles. This product is amazing and well worth trying for skin issues of any sort “. Merriesmum

10% off Dermalogica and Hills selected lines to name a few. It’s well worth a visit to the site with the very reasonable delivery code on offer.

5 stars



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