With sooooooo many different products on the market to put into your hair as well as lots of different types of hair dryers/straighteners to choose from, it can make it hard to decide which to try next.

Well Good Housekeeping have done their top choice of both products and equipment for 2016.

1. Paul Mitchel Super Skinny Serum – £17.95 came top of their tried and tested serums for any type of hair.

2. Label.m Dry Shampoo – £12.50 was a clear winner out of 16 tested, leaving your hair feeling clean with no residue, adding volume to fine hair.

3. W7 Cover Up Root Camouflage Kit – £4.95 was their top choice or disguising grey roots and also for its non-cakey texture.

4. GHD Platinum Straighter – £165 – may have a hefty price tag but it’s super easy to control and manoeuvre.

5. John Freida Frizz Moisture Barrier Hairspray – £5.99 did well on hair swatches in a humidity controlled room, while the flexible formula doesn’t leave hair feeling crunchy.

6. Finally Babyliss Diamond Radiance 6421BDU Hairdryer £55 came top marks for this versatile and powerful hairdryer which speeds up drying time. On offer for £41.25 on their site at the moment.


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