Tigi Bed Head, Smoothing, Frizz Control and Shine (Headrush Shine Adrenaline 200m) is a lightweight aerosol super-shine mist that gives explosive shine and extreme gloss for immaculate, healthy looking hair.

It leaves hair smooth, silky and shiny without weighing down your hair. It is good for any hair length or texture. It adds depth to highlights and colour for quick, even and all over shine.

Tigi Bedhead Small Talk is a 3 in 1 styling lotion which volumises and energises the hair whilst adding Ideal for all hair types, Small Talk gives life to limp hair and adds body and volume to finer hair types. When used on wet hair, Small Talk defines and separates the hair to offer improved styling control whilst smoothing and eliminating frizz on dry hair.

Small Talk leaves the hair looking healthy, shiny and radiant with renewed body, texture, hold, volume and energy, It is also available at our salon and has a lovely blueberry fragrance.

Bedhead Manipulator for men Tigi Bedhead Manipulator is a funky styling gunk which spikes, twists, separates and smoothes all styles.

A true multi-tasker for all hair types, Manipulator is a Coconut scented styling gunk which offers a pliable, supportive and long lasting hold. This fibre forming styling cream is perfect for creating separation and texture with a matte finish and can be applied to wet or dry hair.
Manipulator allows you to spike, twist, dreadlock or punk your hair or if you’re more mainstream it will add classic body and texture to your hair whilst visibly enhancing the thickness of your hair.
Tip: Manipulator is also great for smoothing unruly flyaway hairs, available from our salon. 


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