This amazing Face Hydrator from Salcura has Omega 3,6, 7 and 9 in it for maximum dehydration.

You can use it every day and I found it amazing for my skin dryness. It is 99% natural and has no harsh chemicals in it with a pleasant neutral fragrance.

The texture is light and easy to apply leaving your skin feeling silky soft. I have combination skin and I found this left no greasy parts on my face.

With it’s high concentration of the Omega’s mentioned above it is also is packed with Jojoba Oil for nourishment and Lavender to regenerate your skin and cell growth as well as Chamomile for its ant-inflammatory benefits and its suitable for all skin types.



Valentines Day will soon be with us and the promotions and gifts are in every high street store. I will kick off my top six with this beautiful heart shaped box of cupcake chocolates from Chocolate by Cocoapod Chocolate for £9.
My second choice is this Date Night Selector from UK Party Games, where you spin the arrow to decide one of 16 fun dates for £3.99
Another very reasonable one from Squiggly Sweets is this ‘Mini Love Box’, which contains 6 x Mini Solid Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts 4 x Love Heart Rolls 6 x Haribo Heart Throbs Great for sharing with your lover on Valentines or as a romantic gift. Another great price at only £5.99
Of course Valentines Day wouldn’t be the same without some exclusive chocolates included in the list and this Personalised Affection Art Love Chocolate Bar by CPM for £5.83 should definitely be on the list.
Or this lovely ‘Love You’ Heart filled box with the finest Belgian Milk Chocolate from Barry Callebaut containing 33.6% Cocoa solids.These sealed food-safe clear Heart boxes are filled to the brim with scrummy Belgian Milk Chocolate Buttons and are each decorated with a grosgrain ribbon and swing tag. Made by Sweets & Chocolates Stores for only £5.95
Of course it’s also a great day for proposing and what better way that to hand your loved one this Red Rose Flower Velvet Jewellery Display Box, she/he would have no idea there was something very special inside it. Made by Houseweety for a mere £2.99.


An exfoliation facial is a treatment that can not only help to remove dead skin celss but can also slow down the rate at which skin ages.

Cleansing alone will not give the same effect on your skin but exfoliation helps to slough off these cells, and it’s not used strictly on your face it can also be used on your body. I recently had a back exfoliation and it was amazing how different my skin felt afterwards.

You can buy different types of exfoliaiton products around from powders to electrical gadgets. However, a professional exfoliation facial given by a qualified beautician will give you the best results.


With the New Year upon us and Christmas now behind us. I am sure most of us have slightly expanded waistlines and our skin feeling a bit rough!

Well have no fear as a detox will soon sort it out.

You could start with a simple home facial massage to increase circulation to your facial tissue.  Facial massages can help to lift and firm skin reducing the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles.

Start your day with a detox tea, lots of health and food shops sell it. Follow up with a new keep fit regime then book to have a full body massage to thoroughly cleanse your body, using the best Clarins products.