What is Reflexology?

The main benefits of reflexology are that it unblocks energy channels and have a relaxing effect. It can also stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms and help with pain relief.

William Fitzgerald developed the ‘zone theory’ after finding that he could induce numbness and reduce certain symptoms in the body by simply applying pressure to specific points on the hands and mouth.

The zones are throughout the body with the head having five zones on each side. All the zones lie in each finger and thumb and the theory is that energy travels through the zones and these have an energy connection to all organs, muscles, blood supplies, nerve cells and different tissue types. Disturbances in any of your body will affect these zones so by applying pressure on your hands and feet to these zones it will stimulate the flow of energy back through your body to the area that needs it.

The neck which is highly prone to tension could respond well to reflexology. To work on your neck reflex cup one thumb in the other hand so that it is resting between your index and middle fingers. Use your working thumb to walk along the bone of the thumb from the first to the second joint. Make seven small steps along the bones, to represent the seven vertebrae in the neck.

A Reflexology treatment consists of  – you will lie or sit down, remaining fully clothed except for your shoes and socks. The beauty therapist will start by cleaning the feet thoroughly with baby wipes and using a soothing foot lotion work on the whole of both feet.

The beauty therapist will focus on the entire pattern of the reflexology therapy, starting at the toes and working down the foot. The therapist may apply a small amount of oil or powder to help them to work their fingers and thumbs across the reflex points on your feet and they will work on one foot at a time. Firm but gentle pressure is applied to each foot so it does not feel at all ticklish.

Having a specific condition in mind allows the therapist to carefully feel and work the area corresponding to the problem, allowing the nerve pathways and congestion to be released and to promote the relation response for the entire body.




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