Come and relax in our beautiful, salon while our expert beauticians give you a professional pedicure.

Whether you just want to pop in for a mini pedicure or treat yourself to a full pedicure, you will walk out with beautiful twinkling toes.

You could either have a full pedicure for £24 or a full pedicure with gels for £35.

After a warm welcome you will be asked to pick a nail colour, then they will remove any polish you may have on your toes. Between having each treatment your feet will be soaking in warm, bubbling water. Your nails will be trimmed and filed and your cuticles trimmed. Any rough spots on your feet with be scrubbed and you will enjoy a massage while your feet are being moisturized. Polish will then be put on your toes and if you are having gel polish then this will be set under the UVA light.

There is something very special about a pedicure in the way it makes you feel after your treatment. We can all (just about) manage to paint our own toe nails but having a pedicure is best done by a professional beautician.

You need to book your appointment for this treatment and allow time for your nails to dry if you haven’t had gel nails done. We also have gift vouchers available as a pedicure makes a great gift for someone special.


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