I just love checking out the Money Saving Experts site for the offers he finds and this latest beauty saving has to be shared.

You can get a set of 12 mini (5ml) Ciaté nail polishes for £17.95 delivered (norm £72, or £65 separately), if you sign up/in online at Ciaté* and enter the MSE Blagged code MSEAUTUMN.

The deal ends at 11.59pm on Tue 3 Oct or when all 1,000 sets are sold, whichever’s first – so go quick if you want to nail this deal.

The set includes:

  • Coconut topcoat (clear) – worth £3.33 based on full-sized 13.5ml version at Ciaté.
  • Goal digger Gelology (rose gold with silver glitter) – norm £6 at Ciaté.
  • Iced Frappe Gelology (mushroom grey) – norm £6 at Ciaté.
  • Amazing Gracie Gelology (ballerina pink) – norm £6 at Ciaté.
  • What the Shell Gelology (electric blue) – norm £6 at Ciaté.
  • Seas The Day Gelology (turquoise) – norm £6 at Ciaté.
  • Star Struck glitter (silver glitter) – norm £6 at Ciaté.
  • Moondust Gelology (iridescent purple with gold glitter) – norm £6 at Ciaté.
  • Beach Please! Gelology (bright red) – norm £6 at Ciaté.
  • Cheek to Cheek crème (pink pastel matte) – norm £5 at Asos (but currently out of stock).
  • Reign Supreme Gelology (dark purple) – norm £4.50 at The Hut.
  • Racing Queen (dark green) – norm £4.50 at The Hut.
  • Although you can sometimes find certain individual polishes cheaper than the prices above as part of promotional sets, you’d be hard pushed to find them for £18 all-in.

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