Having all your favourites in under 100ml for the plane, and remembering what you’ll need while you’re there, can be a bit of a headache. So here is a list of some of the best travel size products.

Net-A-Porter has put together  The Ultimate Renew Beauty Kit, £65, with a selection of 12 skin cleansers, oils, peels, serums and eye brighteners, which covers every skincare type and is packed into a transparent pack.

Caudalie has also have put one together which is ideal for traveling light and keeping your skin perfect for any occasion. It includes cleansing water, moisturizing sorbet, conditioning shampoo, shower get and both lotion for £13.

Kiehl’s travel-sized Ultra Facial Wash (£9.50) for 75ml. Its gel formula lathers the skin in a creamy foam, leaving it moisturised and refreshed.

Sun-Cream is essential for your holiday and this pack of 3 travel sized sun creams from Malibu with an SP15 and SP20 and an aftersun cream, all 100ml (£4.99).

Trevor Sorbie has a wonderful volume thickening spray travel size 50ml (£5.94 for 2).

KMS London Style has a travel size hair product kit for all hair types which includes cleansing conditioner, molding paste, and hairspray (£12.99).






Fancy a new you for the new year?…

 Well with the Hairstyle Wizard app you can do just that without even moving from your chair.


• Upload your photo or take a picture of yourself using your iPhone camera to see how the latest, hottest celebrity hairstyles will look on you.• Don’t want to use your own picture? They have a diverse set of models to choose from.

• Sort hairstyles by length for easy browsing.

• New celebrity hairstyles are uploaded monthly.

• Want even more hairstyles? You can purchase different style packages with categories like “bangs” and “red carpet.”

• Easy styling. Adjust the size and position of hairstyles with just your fingertips.

• Love your makeover? Save it and show it to your hairstylist and avoid any salon disasters.

• Get some feedback from your friends! Share your makeover via email and Facebook.

• Want to help your friend find a new look? Take their picture and give them a makeover.

• No Internet connection necessary.

  It’s available on iTunes and is absolutely FREE


If you are lucky enough to have beautiful long eyelashes then an eyelash tint would be an ideal addition to your beauty regime. The dye is a form of hair dye developed for your eyelashes. It produces a similar effect to mascara and lengthens, darkens and thickens the appearance of eyelashes without smudging. It’s a quick, cheap and safe treatment.

Before you have your eyelashes tinted you will be asked to have a patch test to test your body’s reaction to the dye. A small amount will be put on your arm or behind your ear and left for 24 hours to see if you have any reaction.

When you have your treatment your beauty therapist will place some special stickers on your eyelids to protect your eyeball from contamination. The dye will then be carefully applied to both the upper and lower lashes then left for around five to ten minutes. The beauty therapist will then gently wash away the dye leaving your eyelashes looking darker, longer and thicker than before.