A micro skin needling uses vertical insertions to create tiny punctures in the skin surface, which stimulates the production of new collagen. This has a tightening effect on the skin which helps minimize pore skin, smooth out lines, and wrinkles brightens complexion and erases scars and skin lesions. It can be used on all skin types/tones and it can be used to treat hard to reach places (nose, lips and around the eyes) An occasional treatment every 6-9 months or ( after the initial course) is recommended to maintain the results.

Facial rejuvenation – typically 4- 6 treatment sessions

Acne scarring typically 6-10 treatment session

Contact Marcia at The Hair & Beauty Lounge for bookings and prices on 01623 400333.



Our Tropic Products have a sun care range to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun. We all know that without sun cream we can end up with sun damage and premature skin ageing.

Their innovative range of mineral sunscreens are specially formulated for sensitive skin prone to burning and are broad spectrum and water resistant, so you can always have the confidence that you and your family are protected.

This is complemented with a range of self-tanning and shimmer treats.

Their Sun Care Discovery Kit is a travel-friendly collection of sun care essentials and ideal for any weekend away or for daily on-the-go sun protection.

This collection contains:

1. Skin Shade SPF 50 (100ml)
2. Skin Shade SPF 30 (100ml)
3. Sun Soothe (100ml)


You cannot go wrong with our choice of gel nail polishes. Check out these amazing colours.

Manicure   – £21                                                               

Full manicure with gels – £30                                         

Pedicure   – £24                                                               

Full pedicure with gels  – £35                                        

 Mini manicure or file and paint  – £12                       

 Manicure and pedicure  – £42                                 

Gel overlays (no extensions) – £20   


Gel toes – £15                                                                   

Gel overlays with silk – £22                                            

Gel infills – £20                                                                

Gel with silk infills – £22                                              

Gel infill with 3 or more tip repairs – £24                 

Soak offs   – £10                                                               

Nail extensions (acrylic, silk or gel) -£30         



Thankyou Hutts New World for nominating our salon blog for the Liebster award! It’s our first award for The Hair & Beauty Lounge blog and we are all thrilled to bits. The award is supposed to be for those with under 200 followers, so I have nominated bloggers who I think also deserve this award.

Here are the rules:

• Acknowledge the blog who nominated you
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Let’s get to it, starting with Hutts New World questions!

1. What prompted you to start writing a blog – To help promote the business
2. Have you made lots of friends through your blog – No
3. What is your favourite film – Hairspray of course !!
4. How do you promote your blog – Through facebook/ Pinterest and Instagram
5. Have you any other blogs that you write – No
6. Where is your favourite place to write – In my quiet room at the salon
7. Which are your favourite social media sites – Instagram and Facebook
8. What do you find challenging about writing a blog – Keeping it up to date
9. What book are you reading at the moment – Not reading one at the moment
10. Have you won a blog award before and if you have what was it – No
11. Where do you plan to take your blog to this year – Hope to reach a larger audience

Here are some other blogs I would like to nominate a Liebster Award to –

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Here are 10 questions for my nominated Liebster award winners –

1. How long have you been blogging?

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